How old is your heart?

October 4, 2016 thomas No comments exist


A recent study published by University College London suggests that four out of five Britons have prematurely aged hearts caused by poor lifestyles.


In the worst cases, men and women in their mid-40s had hearts more typical of 60 year olds. This disparity puts them at much greater risk of heart attack, stroke and other diseases.


The study’s findings are based of 575,000 responses to the Heart Age Calculator on the NHS Choices Website. The calculator gives a heart age estimate based on height, weight, age, exercise levels, and how much someone smokes and drinks alcohol.


Heart disease is the nation’s biggest killer and claims 155,000 lives a year. But the University College London team believe that these deaths are preventable though lifestyle changes.


Mike Knapton of the British Heart Foundation was involved in the UCL study. He said: “We eat too much, do too little exercise and as a population we are more at risk of developing heart disease. Knowing your heart age is vital to taking control of your health.”


Have a look at the Heart Age Calculator on the NHS Choices website.


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